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Return ballots by April 28th!

King County, Spokane, and many other local jurisdictions have important issues on the April special election ballot. Please share this guide with your friends and family and return your ballot by April 28th.

Election News

Enthusiastically Sign I-122: Honest Elections Seattle
I-122 implements strong contribution limits, total spending caps, and an innovative public financing system in Seattle. Read more...
Decline to Sign I-1366
Tim Eyman is back. I-1366 would force legislators to either put a constitutional amendment about taxes on the ballot or dramatically cut funding for education and social services. Read more...

County Ballot Measures

Depending on where you live, you may have the following ballot measures on your ballot.

King County Proposition #1

Vote YES for Emergency Radio Network

When you’re having an emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is how your 911 call gets to the nearest police officer or firefighter. But without an upgrade to King County’s emergency radio network, emergency responders could be using out of date equipment that is in danger of failing.

King County is proposing an increase in the property tax levy to replace the current, aging emergency radio network with a new Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN). Police officers, firefighters, emergency medical staff, and 911 dispatchers throughout the county, including Seattle, as well as cities on the eastside and in south King County, will use PSERN to communicate with each other in the field.

The current network, designed in 1992, uses technology that will soon not be supported by the manufacturer, and is in danger of failing if not replaced. The new PSERN system will be more reliable and provide better coverage throughout the County. The levy lid lift will cost 7 cents per $1000 of assessed property tax value, or approximately $26.46 per year for the median King County homeowner. The levy will expire in 9 years. Vote YES to replace the Emergency Radio Network.

Campaign Information

Spokane County Proposition #1

Vote YES For Buses

Spokane Transit provided 11 million rides last year to thousands of seniors, parents, students, and people with disabilities to get to work, school, and the doctor's office. In addition, our community is expected to add another 165,000 people by 2020, meaning more congestion unless we add greater transit options.

Proposition 1 includes a small sales tax increase to expand service by adding more bus routes, more frequent service during peak hours, expanded nights and weekend service, new park and rides, and expanded bike capacity on buses. People will only pay an additional 3 cents on a $10 purchase, but what they get in return is a Spokane greater equipped to handle the growing economy and population. Vote yes on Proposition 1 to keep Spokane moving forward.