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General ELECTION: November 8, 2016

Welcome to the Progressive Voters Guide! The guide compiles the information that allows you to make informed decisions about the races on your ballot, based on your values. Vote in every race on your ballot! It's our right and our responsibility.

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Statewide Ballot Measures

Initiative #1433

Vote Yes on I-1433: Raise Up Washington

No one who works hard and plays by the rules should still struggle to make ends meet. Yet too many working people, particularly women and people of color, work two or three jobs and still have trouble providing basic necessities like food and shelter for their families. Additionally, Washingtonians should be able to take care of themselves or a sick child without losing a paycheck. Initiative 1433 would give all workers the opportunity to earn paid sick and safe leave and raise the state minimum wage to $13.50 over four years. It would also allow counties and cities - like Seattle and Tacoma - to pass stronger measures. When more workers have more money in their pockets, they spend it at local businesses and boost our economy.

Vote YES on Initiative 1433 to help businesses, workers, and families across Washington thrive.

Campaign Information

Initiative #1464

Vote YES to Limit Big Money in Politics

Initiative 1464, known as Integrity Washington, aims to give ordinary people a stronger voice in our government. I-1464 prohibits lobbyists and government contractors from making big contributions to the candidates they are trying to influence. Notably, I-1464 also features an innovative public financing system that will allow candidates to focus their campaigning and fundraising on ordinary voters rather than the wealthy and well-funded special interests. Modeled in part after “Honest Elections Seattle,” it would give each voter $150 in "Democracy credits" to contribute to candidates of their choice. I-1464 also strengthens enforcement of our existing campaign finance laws. The reforms are mostly funded by repealing a tax loophole for out-of-state shoppers.

While we strongly support the goals of this initiative, we have some concerns about the details and the potential for unintended consequences that undermine the initiative’s goals. For example, there are concerns that the limits on contributions to candidates will shift more money into attack ads funded by hidden donors, and that it would have been wiser to wait until the similar measure in Seattle had been implemented to work out any problems. If voters approve I-1464, we hope the initiative backers will work closely with state officials to clarify the language and engage more people in the process.

Despite these issues, we believe that the influence of money in our elections is one of the biggest problems facing our democracy, and that it’s past time to take action. Vote YES on Initiative 1464 to move Washington forward in testing new approaches to limiting the influence of big money on politics.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

League of Women Voters, Young Democrats of Washington, Economic Opportunity Institute, Sightline Institute, and many county and district Democratic organizations.

Campaign Information

Initiative #1491

Vote Yes To Keep Families Safe

I-1491 allows families and law enforcement to ask a judge for an Extreme Risk Protection Order that temporarily removes firearms from individuals showing a demonstrated risk of violent behavior. The vast majority of people who commit a mass shooting or suicide show signs of their intentions. Families are often the first to see those signs, but under our current laws they are often powerless to remove firearms from individuals who display violent intentions. Initiative 1491 will empower families to prevent tragedies by temporarily removing firearms from people who are a danger to themselves or others.

Vote YES on I-1491 to keep our communities safe and help prevent more tragedies from gun violence.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Education: American Federation of Teachers - WA
General Progressive: The Washington Bus, Fuse WA
Reproductive Freedom: Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii
Other: Progreso

Initiative #1501

Vote Yes on I-1501 to Prevent Fraud and Protect Seniors

When it comes to consumer fraud and identity theft, we are all at risk – but seniors are especially vulnerable. Initiative 1501 will discourage scams and crack down on criminals who prey on the elderly and vulnerable. I-1501 increases penalties for identity theft and fraud and prevents the state from releasing personal private information about vulnerable people and their in-home caregivers.

I-1501 also protects the privacy, names, and contact information of home care workers like health care workers and child care providers, which is why the right-wing Freedom Foundation is strongly opposed to this initiative. They have been working to acquire the names and contact information of home health care workers and child care providers as part of a deceptive campaign to destroy unions, and this initiative would prevent them from acquiring that private personal data from the state.

Vote YES to protect the privacy and safety of seniors and their in-home caregivers.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information

Initiative #732

This is a complicated measure and we suggest reading the full recommendation.

Vote NO on I-732

Initiative 732 has divided groups committed to fighting climate change. It would reduce carbon pollution by taxing it and cut other taxes by a similar amount. Although it’s well-intended, puts a strong price on carbon emissions, and tackles an incredibly urgent problem, it has some serious flaws that have generated strong opposition from many progressive groups that are committed to reducing carbon pollution. Opponents have several concerns:
  1. Although I-732 is supposed to be revenue neutral, drafters inadvertently created huge additional tax breaks for companies like Boeing so it would cost more than it will bring in. A recent state budget analysis has determined that these tax breaks would cost taxpayers approximately $797 million over six years. As a result, I-732 would blow a giant hole in the state budget at a time when we are already failing to adequately fund schools, health care, and other essential services.
  2. It fails to invest any carbon tax revenue in clean energy sources. Increasing our use of clean energy like solar and wind power is a critical part of fighting climate change, as well as decreasing our use of fossil fuels. In addition, it fails to limit carbon pollution or to enforce the carbon pollution reductions already required by law.
  3. I-732 proponents failed to engage communities of color and workers – the ones disproportionately impacted by climate change -- in developing an approach to provide an economically just transition away from fossil fuels. The result is an initiative that does not adequately address their priorities and faces strong opposition from groups representing communities of color and labor unions.
I-732 supporters argue the urgency of fighting climate change compels us to act immediately and that we can’t afford to wait for a different proposal. Although we are highly motivated to reduce carbon pollution and appreciate the sentiments of the initiative's supporters, I-732’s flaws are serious enough that we – like most statewide environmental groups - cannot support the proposal.

We look forward to working with a wide range of advocates to create and pass a stronger plan to fight climate change in the near future.

Progressive Opponents

Fuse WA, Washington State Labor Council, OneAmerica Votes, Front and Centered, Puget Sound Sage, Progreso, Children's Alliance

Other groups that do not support I-732: Washington Conservation Voters, Washington Environmental Council, Sierra Club

Initiative #735

Vote YES on I-735 to Get Big Money Out of Politics

Corporations are not people. Money is not speech. These are two truths that a huge majority of the public agrees upon, and yet the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the opposite when it made Citizens United the law of the land. Initiative 735, known as WAmend, puts our state on the record calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution clarifying that corporations are not people, money is not speech, and political donations should be disclosed.

Vote YES on I-735 to tell Congress that Washington supports returning power to the people and common sense to our election rules.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information

Statewide Advisory Ballot Measure #14

Vote "Maintain" on Tax Advisory Vote No. 14

A bipartisan majority of legislators came together earlier this year to clarify that some stand-alone family dental plans can be charged a small insurance premium tax. Legislators passed House Bill 2768 by a vote of 135 to 11. Because of a Tim Eyman initiative, the Legislature is required to submit any bill it passes that closes tax loopholes or raises revenue to a non-binding advisory vote. Vote to "maintain" this measure.

Statewide Advisory Ballot Measure #15

Vote "Maintain" on Tax Advisory Vote No. 15

In order to encourage the use of clean alternative fuel vehicles in Washington, a broad majority of legislators voted to extend an existing tax break for customers who buy the clean energy cars. Legislators voted to pass Second Engrossed House Bill 2778 by a vote of 93 to 47. Because of a Tim Eyman initiative, the Legislature is required to submit any bill it passes that closes tax loopholes or raises revenue to a non-binding advisory vote. Vote to "maintain" this measure.

Constitutional Amendment #8210

Vote YES for a better redistricting plan

Every 10 years, the Washington State Constitution requires a bipartisan commission to update the lines that draw state legislative and congressional districts as the population grows and shifts. Senate Joint Resolution 8210 will shorten the time for the commission to complete a redistricting plan by six weeks, saving taxpayers money and allowing voters more time to provide feedback before spring elections. This common sense reform received a unanimous vote from the state Legislature. Vote YES on SJR 8210.



Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton photo
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made history when she became the first woman nominated by the Democratic Party for president. As President, she will continue her legacy of advocacy for women, children, and families, which began with working at the Children's Defense Fund to provide education to students with disabilities. She also promises to fight for equal pay, protect our environment, expand background checks to more gun sales, support comprehensive immigration reform, and stand up to Republican attacks on President Barack Obama's landmark health care law.

Her main opponent, Republican Donald Trump, has amassed a troubling track record of actions and positions that are divisive, dishonest, disrespectful to women, and far too uninformed and unstable to lead our nation and be our Commander in Chief. Also in this race is Green Party nominee Jill Stein, a former Lexington, Massachusetts Town Council member, and Gary Johnson, the Libertarian former governor of New Mexico.

Hillary Rodham Clinton deserves your vote.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information

U.S. Senator

Patty Murray

Patty Murray photo
Since Patty Murray was first elected in 1992, the "Mom in Tennis Shoes" has been an incredible champion for women, working people, veterans, and an economy that works for everyone. The fourth-ranking Democrat in the Senate, she has earned the respect of Democrats and Republicans alike by forging agreements on the budget, education, women's health, and other critical issues, all while continuing to fight for working people across our state.

Her opponent is former Washington State Republican Party Chair Chris Vance. Vance, a partisan operative who championed George W. Bush for president, has led a lackluster campaign and does not bring new ideas to the table. Murray's leadership, experience, and progressive values make her the clear choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information


Depending on where you live, you will have one of the below candidates on your ballot.

U.S. Representative, 1st Congressional District

Suzan DelBene

Suzan DelBene  photo
Rep. Suzan DelBene won a tough race in 2012 to represent the 1st Congressional District, which reaches from Kirkland to the Canadian border. DelBene is a former executive at Microsoft who has used her technology background to become a leader in protecting privacy rights against government surveillance. She has also been a strong advocate for job development, economic fairness, women’s health, and immigration reform. She faces Tea Party candidate Robert Sutherland.

DelBene’s experience and strong track record make her the clear choice in this race.

U.S. Representative, 2nd Congressional District

Rick Larsen

Rick Larsen photo
Rep. Rick Larsen is a moderate, pragmatic Democrat who has been a strong advocate for jobs, transportation, and infrastructure projects in the 2nd District. Larsen has also led efforts to protect voting rights, fought to reform student loans, and has been a champion of Wall Street reform. Before serving in Congress he served on the Snohomish County Council and worked on economic development for the City of Everett. Unfortunately, Larsen angered many progressives by urging Boeing machinists to vote on Boeing's contract proposal to eliminate workers' hard-earned pension benefits.

Larsen faces cookie cutter Republican Marc Hennemann. Larsen is the best choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information

U.S. Representative, 3rd Congressional District

Jim Moeller

Jim Moeller photo
Jim Moeller rose to become Speaker Pro Tempore of the state House through his hard work and leadership and will serve as a strong leader in Congress, too. Moeller has developed a stellar reputation for bipartisanship through his work on health care and job creation. He has also been a strong advocate for fully funding schools, ensuring families have a safe place to sleep, and solving our state's mental health crisis.

Moeller faces a tough race against incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler. Herrera Beutler is an extremely conservative Republican who has consistently sided with the Tea Party on issues like health care, environmental protection, immigration reform, and economic fairness. Moeller is the best choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information

U.S. Representative, 4th Congressional District

Dan Newhouse

Dan Newhouse photo
The only candidates in this race are conservative Republicans who are out of step with mainstream values on many issues. Nevertheless, Dan Newhouse is the better choice in this race. Newhouse is facing Clint Didier, who is an extreme right-wing Tea Party activist and failed candidate for state Commissioner of Public Lands. While we don't agree with Newhouse on his positions on women's health, the environment, or other important issues, he would bring a level of professionalism and rationality that Didier lacks. Newhouse is the best choice in this race.

Campaign Information

U.S. Representative, 5th Congressional District

Joe Pakootas

Joe Pakootas photo
Joe Pakootas is a community and business leader credited with turning around the Colville Tribe’s business enterprises during his time as CEO. He is passionate about addressing income inequality, protecting the environment, and protecting women’s access to health care. He is challenging conservative Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who continues to support Donald Trump for President despite some of the sexist, racist, and derogatory remarks he has made. Rodgers helped lead the House Republicans' extremely conservative agenda, including blocking emergency benefits for the unemployed, cutting $40 billion from food stamps, and opposing laws to end pay discrimination against women.

Pakootas would be a refreshing change of leadership for the 5th Congressional District.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

General Progressive: Inland Northwest Leadership
Economic Justice: United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Washington State Labor Council
Social Justice: National Organization for Women
Other: Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians

U.S. Representative, 6th Congressional District

Derek Kilmer

Derek Kilmer photo
Derek Kilmer is a moderate Democrat who is a reliable supporter of creating jobs and improving infrastructure. He has been a leader on small business development and protecting Puget Sound during his first two terms in Congress. A former state Senator, he worked as a business consultant and economic development official before he was elected.

Kilmer faces Republican Todd Bloom, who is not running an effective campaign. Kilmer deserves your vote.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information

U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District

There are two strong progressive leaders running in the 7th District: Pramila Jayapal and Brady Walkinshaw. The Progressive Voters Guide recommends Jayapal as the best choice because of her long track record of outstanding leadership. She also has the broadest support from our Progressive Voters Guide partners.

Pramila Jayapal

Pramila Jayapal photo
State Senator Pramila Jayapal has a long history of effective civic leadership on immigration reform, economic fairness, civil liberties, and women’s issues. She founded OneAmerica (formerly Hate Free Zone) in 2001 and built it into the largest immigrant rights organization in the state and a national model. Jayapal also played a key role on the Mayoral Advisory Committee that negotiated Seattle’s $15 minimum wage. As a state Senator, she has been tireless and effective speaking out for racial equity, voting access, and a more progressive budget.

We recommend Jayapal in this race to replace Rep. Jim McDermott.

Brady Walkinshaw

Brady Walkinshaw photo
State Rep. Brady Walkinshaw has served in the House since December 2013. Walkinshaw was previously a Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation working on sustainable agriculture and also serves on the board of the Trust for Public Land. In Olympia, he has been a very effective legislator who has prioritized environmental sustainability and equal opportunity for seniors, renters, and those leaving the criminal justice system. He's prioritizing climate change and economic justice in his campaign for Congress.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

LGBT Equality PAC, Aerospace Machinists District 751, United Farm Workers

Campaign Information

U.S. Representative, 8th Congressional District

Tony Ventrella

Tony Ventrella photo
Tony Ventrella is a popular former sports broadcast journalist and progressive Democrat who is prioritizing getting money out of politics by overturning Citizens United. He supports building an economy that works for everyone, ensuring women have the freedom to make their own private medical decisions, and expanding access to health care.

Ventrella is challenging longtime incumbent Dave Reichert. While in Congress, Reichert voted for the government shutdown that cost taxpayers $24 billion, voted to defund Planned Parenthood, and has joined with the far right members of his party to waste time voting again and again to overturn Obamacare. Ventrella would be a welcome change for the 8th District.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Media: The Stranger

Campaign Information

U.S. Representative, 9th Congressional District

Adam Smith

Adam Smith photo
Representative Adam Smith is a moderate Democrat who has been a reliable vote on progressive taxation and immigration reform. Smith has worked hard to connect with and represent his new constituents after the 9th CD became one of the most racially diverse districts in the state during the redistricting process. He continues to be an advocate for greater equality, and fought House Republicans' efforts to slash food stamps in the most recent farm bill.

Smith is facing Republican candidate Doug Basler. Smith has received the majority of our partner endorsements and deserves your vote.

U.S. Representative, 10th Congressional District

Denny Heck

Denny Heck photo
Rep. Denny Heck has had a long career in both the private and public sectors, most notably as a state Representative, state House majority leader, chief of staff to former Gov. Booth Gardner, and TVW co-founder. As a member of Congress, he has fought to make college more affordable and worked to lower health care costs, ensure veterans get the benefits they deserve, and create middle class jobs.

Heck is being challenged by perennial Republican candidate Jim Postma, a climate change doubter who wants to build more nuclear plants and drill for oil on government lands. Heck’s track record, experience, and values make him the best choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information

Statewide Offices


Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee photo
Governor Jay Inslee has been a strong, principled leader on the important challenges facing Washington, including tackling transportation problems, increasing the minimum wage, and fighting global warming. He has also worked to fund schools by closing unjust tax loopholes and fought to close the gender pay gap. Before he was elected Governor in 2012, Inslee represented both sides of the Cascades in Congress, opposed the Iraq war, and worked to increase accountability and oversight for Wall Street banks.

In contrast, Republican Bill Bryant opposes the Washington Voting Rights Act, is opposed to many public transportation projects, and is an obstacle to closing unjust tax loopholes. While Inslee has his work cut out for him in his second term, we believe his strong moral compass and vision for improving our state makes him the best choice in this race.

Lt. Governor

Cyrus Habib

Cyrus Habib photo
State Senator Cyrus Habib has been an effective champion for public education, transit solutions, and gun safety. Habib authored a successful jobs bill to connect entrepreneurs with additional funding options, and has been named one of 12 legislators to watch in the country by Governing Magazine.

His opponent, Republican Marty McClendon, is a far-right conservative who advocates for Tea Party proposals such as eliminating the IRS, shutting down the Affordable Care Act, and pursuing energy exploration without regard to the environment. Due to his leadership and accomplishments, Habib deserves your vote.

Secretary of State

Tina Podlodowski

Tina Podlodowski  photo
Tina Podlodowski is running for Secretary of State to increase voter participation and turnout as the state’s chief elections officer. Podlodowski has spent her life fighting for equality and driving forward progress. She understands just how important voting and an equitable election system are to a functioning and flourishing democracy. She is a former Microsoft executive who also served on the Seattle City Council and has a strong track record of non-profit leadership.

Podlodowski is challenging incumbent Republican Kim Wyman for failing to improve declining voter participation. Wyman has opposed the Washington Voting Rights Act and has refused to support common-sense measures to increase voter participation such as Election Day voter registration and pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds. Podlodowski deserves your vote.

Campaign Information

State Treasurer

Duane Davidson

Duane Davidson photo
Elected in 2003, Benton County Treasurer Duane Davidson is the better of two conservative candidates vying to replace outgoing State Treasurer Jim McIntire. Davidson is currently serving his second term as the President of the Washington State Association of County Treasurers and has been endorsed by both Republican and Democratic treasurers as well as most major newspapers from around the state. While we disagree about how to reform our state's upside-down tax code, Davidson brings years of experience with government finance, managing staff, smart investments of taxpayer dollars, and a commitment to transparency and accountability.

In contrast, banker Michael Waite has no experience overseeing government finances. We have concerns that he would use the office as a platform for anti-tax activism and insert himself into legislative debates outside the scope of the Treasurer’s office. Waite does support safe and legal abortion access and has earned the endorsement of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii as well as NARAL Pro-Choice Washington.

We recommend Davidson as the best of two conservative options.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

State Auditor

Pat McCarthy

Pat McCarthy photo
Current Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy has run the operations of Pierce County government for eight years, managing 3,000 employees and a $900 million budget. Prior to that, she served as the Pierce County Auditor, where she was honored as the 2005 Washington State Auditor of the Year. McCarthy is running to bring back integrity to the Auditor's office after a criminal indictment derailed Troy Kelley's term, and promises to improve efficiency and transparency in our state government.

Her opponent is socially-conservative Republican Senator Mark Miloscia. Unfortunately, Miloscia is opposed to safe and legal abortion access and to marriage equality. He supports allowing employers to deny coverage for birth control and co-sponsored a bill that could ban many forms of birth control. We're concerned that if elected, Miloscia could use his office to launch politically-fueled investigations of Planned Parenthood and other women's health groups that receive public funds to provide health care to women.

Miloscia has been good on labor issues and was endorsed by some of our labor partners, including SEIU 925, SEIU 775, and the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters, as well as a dual endorsement from the Washington Federation of State Employees. However, McCarthy's support is broader and she deserves your vote due to her accomplished record, experience, and trusted values.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Reproductive Freedom: National Women's Political Caucus of WA, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
Economic Justice: WA Federation of State Employees, Washington State Labor Council
Other: Emily's List, Tacoma-Pierce County Black Collective

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Bob Ferguson photo
Attorney General Bob Ferguson's accomplishments in four years are impressive. From delivering millions of dollars back to consumers who were wronged by fraudulent corporations and his ongoing battle with the federal government to clean up the Hanford nuclear waste site to successfully fighting two Tim Eyman initiatives, Ferguson has been a strong and effective advocate for people in Washington.

Ferguson faces Libertarian Josh Trumbull, who is not running a viable campaign and is not qualified for this office. Ferguson deserves your vote.

Commissioner of Public Lands

Hilary Franz

Hilary Franz photo
Hilary Franz is the Executive Director of Futurewise and former Bainbridge Island Councilmember who brings 20 years of experience working at the state and local level protecting working families and communities that rely on forestry, farmland, and waterways. Franz is a former Washington Environmental Council and Conservation Northwest board member, she sat on the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council, and was appointed by Governor Christine Gregoire to the Washington State Climate Action Team. She will prioritize restoring forest health, preventing wildfires, and creating clean energy jobs on our public lands. Franz has the leadership skills to develop solutions that respect the needs of our communities that depend upon timber and shellfish sales while also protecting critical natural and recreational resources.

Franz faces Republican Steve McLaughlin, an ally of right-wing extremist movements who has claimed that the federal government shouldn’t own land outside of Washington D.C. and aligned himself with numerous global warming deniers in his party. For the future of our state, our health, and our public lands, Hillary Franz deserves your vote.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

There are two progressive candidates in this race. The endorsements of our Progressive Voters Guide partners lean toward Reykdal.

Chris Reykdal

Chris Reykdal photo
Rep. Chris Reykdal is a progressive legislator from Thurston County who has been an outspoken advocate for education funding and income inequality issues. As a former teacher and school board member who now works in the community college system, Reykdal has seen the struggle schools are facing to get their job done. He supports reforming our state's broken tax system to ensure our public schools have the funding they need to provide a quality education for every student. Reykdal currently has two children in Washington's public schools.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information

Erin Jones

Erin Jones photo
Erin Jones is a teacher of foreign languages and African American studies who has won multiple awards for her innovative work to make learning more accessible for students of color. Jones most recently worked at Tacoma Public Schools as a literacy coach and previously served as Assistant Superintendent of Student Achievement for the state of Washington, where she worked on policy and instruction practices to make schools a place where all students can learn. Jones' three kids attended Washington public schools.

There are some concerns about the support Jones has received from prominent right-wing Republicans and conservative interest groups. In addition, The Stranger and Equal Rights Washington have raised important concerns about some of Jones' statements and positions on LGBTQ issues and associations with conservative groups opposed to LGBTQ equality. We take those concerns very seriously. After a careful review and a long discussion with her, it’s clear she has changed those positions. Although she had some learning to do on LGTBQ equality, we believe her heart is in the right place.

While Jones has earned dual endorsements from several of our Progressive Voters Guide partners, we lean toward Reykdal in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler

Mike Kreidler photo
As the state Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler has brought a range of experience to the position and defended the interests of Washington residents against big insurance companies. Kreidler cut insurance rates, required that contraceptives be included in prescription drug coverage for women, and helped increase the transparency of the health insurance market. If re-elected, Kreidler will work on expanding health care access, limiting insurance company exploitation, and eliminating credit scoring as a determinant of insurance rates.

Kreidler faces Republican Richard Schrock, who is not running a credible campaign. Kreidler deserves your vote.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information

State Supreme Court

State Supreme Court Justice, Position #1

Mary Yu

Mary Yu  photo
Justice Mary Yu served 14 years as a trial court judge in King County, where she presided over hundreds of criminal, civil, and family law cases before Governor Jay Inslee appointed her to Washington’s Supreme Court. As the first Asian American, the first Latina, and the first open member of the LGBTQ community to serve on the Supreme Court, Yu brings a community-based approach and respect for every person to her service.

Justice Yu is also highly involved in the Washington state law community. She serves as a Co-Chair for the Leadership Institute of UW, the Washington State Minority and Justice Commission, and the Washington State Bar Association.

Yu faces Gonzaga Law Professor David Dewolf, who is best known for his far-right pro-creationism and anti-evolution views. Because of her remarkable record and extensive experience, Justice Mary Yu is the clear choice for this Supreme Court Justice Position 1.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Education: American Federation of Teachers - WA
Environment: Washington Conservation Voters
Reproductive Freedom: National Women's Political Caucus of WA, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
Economic Justice: Service Employees International Union, WA State Council of Firefighters, WA Federation of State Employees, Washington State Labor Council
Social Justice: Latino PAC, OneAmerica Votes
Bar Association Ratings: King County Bar Association: Exceptionally Well Qualified; Latina/o Bar Association: Exceptionally Well Qualified; QLaw: The LGBT Bar Association: Exceptionally Well Qualified

Campaign Information

State Supreme Court Justice, Position #5

Barbara Madsen

Barbara Madsen photo
Chief Justice Barbara Madsen has led our state Supreme Court in a fair and impartial manner through a series of high profile cases. First elected in 1992, Madsen was only the third woman to ever serve on our highest court. She has won numerous awards for her service, especially for her work creating opportunities for young female lawyers and judges. Despite Republican efforts to politicize our court over rulings about education funding and several Tim Eyman initiatives, Madsen has maintained a steadfast commitment to upholding equal justice under the law.

Madsen is opposed by Greg Zempel, a Republican prosecutor from Kittitas County. Zempel has said he is running because he disagrees with some recent decisions. Madsen deserves your vote.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Reproductive Freedom: National Women's Political Caucus of WA
Economic Justice: SEIU Healthcare 1199NW, WA State Council of Firefighters, Washington State Labor Council
Media: The Stranger
Bar Association Ratings: King County Bar Association: Exceptionally Well Qualified; QLaw: The LGBT Bar Association: Well Qualified; Latina/o Bar Association: Exceptionally Well Qualified

State Supreme Court Justice, Position #6

Charles Wiggins

Charles Wiggins photo
Elected in 2010, Justice Charlie Wiggins is highly regarded and brings his sharp eye for judicial ethics and more than 30 years of law and justice experience to the Supreme Court, where he has written more than 100 court opinions. Wiggins is an active volunteer in his community for Habitat for Humanity and other good causes and worked to support campaign contribution limits in state judicial elections before he was elected to the court. He is rated “exceptionally well qualified” by several bar associations.

Justice Wiggins faces Dave Larson, a Federal Way Municipal Court Judge. Larson is not highly rated by bar associations, but he is heavily backed by huge expenditures from conservative interests unhappy with Wiggins' decisions. Ignore their misleading attack ads. Justice Charlie Wiggins' experience, qualifications, and commitment to judicial ethics makes him the best choice for Supreme Court Justice Position 6.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Environment: Washington Conservation Voters
Reproductive Freedom: NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
Economic Justice: SEIU 775, WA State Council of Firefighters, WA Federation of State Employees, Washington State Labor Council
Bar Association Ratings: King County Bar Association: Exceptionally Well Qualified; QLaw: The LGBT Bar Association: Well Qualified; Latina/o Bar Association: Exceptionally Well Qualified

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